Crowdsourcing Postal Advice: What's the best way to send 62 boxes of typographic punches from PEI to the eastern USA?

So I’ve ended up in the temporary care of 62 boxes that look like this:

Monotype Punch Box

Each box is 8.75” x 3” x 1.75” and weighs about 1 kg. They are wooden boxes of punches1, used to punch Monotype matrices. They are a part of the typographic heritage of North America, and my friend Heather rescued them from the dump in Mount Stewart2. I have found someone, a noble soul, in the northeast USA, who is willing to take on their stewardship, but for this to happen I need to ship the 62 boxes to him.

Canada Post tells me that the maximum weight they will ship is 25 kg, so I would need to ship them in at least three boxes. They quoted me the following prices to ship a 21 kg box:

  • Expedited USA: $72.14 x 3 = $216.42
  • Xpresspost USA: $123.15 x 3 = $369.45
  • Priority Worldwide: $384.78 x 3 = $1154.34

I’m looking for advice from the crowd as to whether there are alternatives to Canada Post that would be less expensive; we’re doing this as a heritage-preserving non-profit effort, so the money is coming out of our own pockets. Please leave advice in the comments if you have any.


1. Inside the look like this:

Monotype Punches

2. After Gerald Giampa held his auction in Mount Stewart (after he was flooded out by a tidal surge) he hauled the items that didn’t sell to the Mount Stewart dump; Heather, keen of eye and present of mind, followed him and waded in amongst the rats and the garbage to rescue these boxes. She deserves and award.