Off the Beaten Track

The summer of 2000 was a busy one for me. Catherine was pregnant with Oliver (due in late September). We decided, in May, to move from rural Kingston to urban Charlottetown, and so moved out of one house and into another (at 100 Prince Street, where we live to this day) and, on top of that, decided to renovate the house once we moved in.

And as if that wasn't enough, I also was a contributor to CBC Radio's Mainstreet program here in Prince Edward Island, via a summer series called Off the Beaten Track. Host-producer Matthew Rainnie essentially gave me license to talk about whatever it was that I was interested in, focusing on things, true to the name of the series, that didn't get spoken of often.

There were 7 episodes in total, starting in May and sending in September. It was a joy to produce: I was allowed to follow my curiosity where it led me, and Matthew (and continues to be) was a voluble host who was game to follow me.

I somehow managed to record all the pieces that summer, and burned them to an audio that I found again in the fall of 2016; I ripped the CD and uploaded the pieces here for posterity.

Off the Beaten Track CD Cover and Track List