Updating Jaiku by Telephone

Although Jaiku provides several ways of updating your presence by mobile phone — you can send updates by SMS, and there’s a nice Series 60 application that runs on my Nokia N70 that does everything but make bread — there are times when I’m away from my mobile phone and want to update.

Enter Asterisk and PHPAGI which, together with class.jaiku.php make Jaiku By Telephone.

It’s not exactly a “ready for use by my grandmother” application because the text input system supported by PHPAGI (documented here) is a little bit like knitting with invisible yarn.

But it’s a cool proof-of-concept, and a good way to procrastinate a couple of hours on Christmas Eve morning.

I call into my Asterisk server, press a key to call up the AGI script I created, hear my current Jaiku presence message read to me, and then update my presence. I don’t quite get the keystrokes correct, but the result is:

Jaiku.com Screen Shot


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Teemu on January 9, 2007 - 19:01 Permalink

Peter, you are one crazy mashupper. Amazing, I must say.