Rukavinas on This American Life

If you’re in the radio game – and it’s something of a family business for we Rukavinas – then This American Life is the bigs. Which makes it both unfortunate and somewhat delightful that there was a Rukavina appearance in this week’s episode. Unfortunate because it’s a not-directly-related-that-we-know-of Rukavina and because said Rukavina is pretending to put his (or maybe his wife’s) finger through a wood splitter, and delightful because, well, it’s This American Life and it’s someone named Rukavina. Gotta start somewhere.


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AW on August 26, 2013 - 22:04 Permalink

I found your post when I was googling around for this clip after a friend told me about it (and when you hear about Rukavina on national radio, you listen!). 4 seconds doesn’t really say much about this particular Rukavina (except maybe that he has a dark sense of humor)— but this particular Ruk is a legend here in Minnesota. Tom is a former State Representative who served for 26 years, expert in Iron Range history, and champion for local industry and unions. Might not be related, but I thought I would share a little more information about someone who is making the family name proud here “down south”!