Lost and Found Sound: Richard Hamilton

Several weeks ago I wrote about a radio documentary I co-produced in 1989 called The Emotions of Activism.

I’ve digitized another of the raw interviews I taped for the documentary, this one with Richard Hamilton.

I met Richard for the first time on the same day I met Ken Hone. Richard, like Kenny, was one of the instigators of Projects for Change, and through that group we became friends. Several years later, after I had moved to Texas and Montreal, and then back to Peterborough, Richard was one of my roommates in a big house on George Street. Catherine was my next-door neighbour. The rest is history.

Richard is a straight-talking, no-nonsense guy who came by his activism honestly.

The tape is unedited from the original. As an added bonus, you can hear my old dog Penny barking in the background about half way through.