Elizabeth May Eats Lunch on a Rainy Saturday

Oliver’s got the death of a cold, so I made my way to the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market by myself this morning.

After a healthy amount of Duckduckgoing “how to cycle in the rain,” I decided I was not up for it, so I took the bus instead. It was a soggy walk from Subway to the market, but the passing cars were kind, and slowed down to prevent causing monsoons from driving headlong through the standing water.

In addition to being Thanksgiving-busy, the market was also Elizabeth May-busy this morning, as she made a quick campaign stop en (Tesla) route from Pownal to Cape Breton that included a lunch of Claudia’s Mexican food. And a lot of chatting with a lot of people.

It’s quite humbling to see May in action: her entourage is lean, and she is open. To everyone who approaches. It must be exhausting, and we all owe her a great debt for her tenacity.

I escaped from the melee on to the loading dock of the market for some quiet reflection, and recorded 30 seconds of the suddenly-torrential rain falling on the metal roof.

My friend Ann rescued me from a wet walk back to the bus stop by offering me a ride home; it was on her way.

Where I delivered a smoked salmon bagel and cup of tea to ailing Oliver. Who will, I think, spend most of the day sleeping.

Elizabeth May talks with a voter in the midst of her lunch at the market.


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vbj on October 13, 2019 - 08:16 Permalink

Love this shot, particularly because I spy one of the StoryWalk poems on the column behind the conversationalists.
Feel better, Oliver!