The 3LA Podcast, Episode 2: PMT

A sure sign that the procrastination gremlins are in full form: another episode of The 3LA Podcast. Today’s subject: PMT.

While I tipped my hat to friend Ann (who has nothing to be ashamed about for not knowing how to use RSS in a sentence) there’s something else at work here: perhaps like you, I get lots of ideas in the shower, or on the way to work, or when I’m falling to sleep at night. Usually these ideas involve creating some sort of grand thing — a newspaper, a hovering rocket ship, a website for father with one child. And usually they go nowhere, as real life overtakes (and I realize that parts for hovering rocket ships would probably be too expensive anyway).

I’m pretty sure that if I carried out all of my crazy shower schemes I would explode or be homeless (although I might be homeless and happy). But it occured to me that the effect of so many ideas not carried out was beginning to be a downer. So I decided to take just one — it happened, perhaps at random, to be exposition on three-letter words — and just do it.

The idea actually started off in the shower as a CBC radio series. Then I realized that to make a CBC radio series I would probably have to write a proposal and send it to someone. And there would be meetings, and studios to book, and scripts to write, and T4s to receive. It all seemed Very Complicated. And so I gave up. Then I realized that if I just went ahead and did it — in an hour or two — I would, at the very least, get it out of my system. Wouldn’t be perfect, might not even be useful. But never underestimate the power of actually doing something.

Who knows — I might keep going.