11:11 of Euro-Audio

My Nokia N70 has a built-in voice recorder that lets me tape 60 seconds of audio (the one minute limit is an annoying but sometimes useful feature). Over the past month I’ve pulled out the phone at various soundful times and recorded a minute here, a minute there. I’ve pasted all of the clips together, and you can listen to the entire 11 minutes, 11 seconds in one go. Audio is relatively low quality, there are only a couple of bona fide podcast-like bits and otherwise you should just treat it as a sort of raw audio montage of euro-audio.

Among other things, you’ll here lots of buskers, a ride on an antique trolley, roller coasters at LegoLand, an ambulance siren, the bells outside our window in Copenhagen that rang every morning at 8:00 a.m., a minute inside a Porto coffee shop, and a little tour of a water wheel.