Print Me a Spoon, Please

I had so much fun eating my salad with my 3D-printer-printed-fork today that I decided to see if I could have soup next time and use a 3D-printer-printed-spoon.

To this end, I found my way to which runs a special Minecraft server wherein you can use Minecraft’s building tools to create objects and then (literally) push an in-world “Print” button to generate a 3D-printer-friendly .STL file.

So I fired up my Minecraft client, designed myself a spoon, generated and downloaded the .STL file (you can grab it here if you want to print it yourself), and emailed it off to Don, the friendly 3D-printed-managing librarian. A few minutes later Don sent back a rendering of the spoon ready to be printed:

3D Spoon

Don will print the spoon tomorrow and, assuming it holds water, I will eat soup for lunch.