PirateBox in my Car

One of the nice things about the TP-Link MR3020 wireless router that powers my PirateBox is that it’s powered, via a mini-USB port, by a 5VDC/1.0A power supply. This makes powering it by means other than a plug in the wall trivial because you can use any power source with a mini-USB. Like a portable battery back, a solar panel or, as I tried yesterday, my 2000 Jetta.

Several of my Nokia phones over the years have had mini-USB power ports, and so I have a few spare mini-USB “cigarette lighter” adapters in my car. So at the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market yesterday I plugged in my PirateBox to the car, tweeted that PEI community histories were available in the parking lot at SSID PirateBox, and let the public do what they might.

One of the limitations (or features) of the PirateBox is that it doesn’t log access, so I’ve no idea whether anyone actually did grab a copy of Attitudes toward the temperance movement among Methodists in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and P.E.I. or Freetown, Past and Present. But they could have.

There’s a helpful page on the LibraryBox website that discusses, in part, battery capacity issues and a page on the PirateBox forum where battery issues are discussed.

PirateBox in my Car