Open Minecraft Lab Survey Results

After our three Open Minecraft Lab sessions I sent out a brief survey, via SurveyMonkey, to all of the particpants. There were 120 participants in Open Minecraft Lab, represented by 92 email addresses (because some families brought more that one person). Of those 92 email addresses, 12 responded to the survey, for a response rate of 13%. Here’s how the responded.

Update: I had the “yes” and “no” reversed for the “would you be interested in coming to Open Minecraft Lab again?” question. Corrected.

Was this your first time visiting the library at the University of PEI?

  • Yes: 8 (66.67%)
  • No: 4 (33.33%)

Did you have fun at Open Minecraft Lab?

  • No: 0%
  • Sort of: 0%
  • It was okay: 1 (8.33%)
  • Lots of fun: 9 (75%)
  • Maximum fun: 2 (16.67%)

Did you play in Creative mode or Survival mode?

Minecraft can be played in both “Creative” and “Survival” modes, the former offering more flexibility and less “game play” and the latter more challenging and game-like.

  • Creative: 3 (25%)
  • Survival: 2 (16.67%)
  • Both Creative and Survival: 7 (58.33%)

Did you learn anything new about Minecraft at Open Minecraft Lab?

  • Yes: 6 (54.55%)
  • No: 5 (45.45%)

If yes, respondents were asked to describe what they learned:

  • Many of the things in Minecraft are about real life, so it can tell you a bit about those.
  • Design, math, problem-solving, cooperation, creativity.
  • how to build things
  • It teaches people about thinking before you do because you have to know what you want to build before you build it.
  • To build things!

Would you be interested in coming to Open Minecraft Lab again?

  • No: 1 (8.33%)
  • Yes: 11 (91.67%)

If so, what would be the best time(s) for you?

  • Monday night: 2 (18.18%)
  • Tuesday night: 1 (9.09%)
  • Wednesday night: 0 (0%)
  • Thursday night: 3 (27.27%)
  • Friday night: 3 (27.27%)
  • Sunday morning: 5 (45.45%)
  • Sunday afternoon: 7 (63.64%)
  • Sunday night: 2 (18.18%)
  • On holidays or school PD days: 9 (81.82%)

What could we do to make Open Minecraft Lab better?

  • Not allow the guys who blew up my house with TNT to come back! Maybe have some people with lots of Minecraft knowledge share some of their idea, or seeds.
  • We weren’t able to stay long the day we attended, but enjoyed the environment. Thanks for creating this space for cooperative learning, Peter. It’s clear there’s an interest in Minecraft. Todd Gallant
  • maybe some more one on one times-or see if kids have questions. sometimes hard to ask. I had lots of fun.
  • Have the headsets attached to a Skype call type thing so we can talk about what we want to build not talk in chat
  • Great way to spend two hours with my kids!
  • Collaborative build. It would be interesting to see social dynamics extend to a specific design and build project within the edu server (creative mode of course)
  • Make the EDU (?) version more different than the regular version. Get better mice!
  • Update to a newer version. Also, the mice were terrible.
  • It was perfect! The guy who helped was really cool and nice.
  • Downloading safe new mods and texture packs
  • my sons loved it
  • Be neat to be able to learn more things.