Hacker’s Log, January 10, 2013

My second afternoon on campus.

  • Picked up a key to room 322 from the Facilities Management across campus; very friendly and efficient service there.
  • Tried out my campus card on the Shipping & Receiving door at the back of Robertson Library and confirmed that it works, so I can get 24/7 access to the library now.
  • Found that the Ethernet jack on room 322 (labelled B-2-28) isn’t working; sent in a request to have this looked at. Will use the wifi, which just barely stretches in here, for the time-being.
  • Got myself a PIN so that I could using the Campus Login system to change my campus network password.
  • Talked to Peter Lux about getting a virtual server set up and he sprang into action and got me set up with a nice Drupal 7 installation (which is where I am typing now).
  • Walked around campus handing out and posting cards marking the 25th anniversary of UPEI.ca’s registration. Met Blair Vessey for the first time face-to-face, and dropped in on Integrated Communications.
  • Did a tiny bit of configuration on this Drupal installation, which I’ve pegged to hack.ruk.ca while awaiting an official upei.ca subdomain.