Getting Started with MinecraftEdu on Macs and PCs

In our Open Minecraft Lab in Robertson Library, we’ll be playing the special custom MinecraftEdu version of Minecraft, which has some education-friendly features built into it.

I’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to installing MinecraftEdu on the Macs in the Modern Language Lab and the PCs in the LINC lab.

For the Macs, using Apple’s Remote Desktop application, I will drop the Java installer for MinecraftEdu on every Mac in the lab after each one is logged in (the usernames and passwords are pasted on the front of each Mac); once the installer is there, the step-by-step guide will get you to the point where you can play Minecraft on the machine.

For the PCs, the MinecraftEdu installer is on the shared M: drive, and can be installed right away by following the instructions.