Zap Your PRAM Secrets: Part Three

There were two practical secret ingredients that went into making Zap Your PRAM a success.

First was Kindred Spirits Country Inn in Cavendish. Owners Al and Sharon James warmly accepted the conference into their home, and bent over backwards to make everyone feel welcome. Usually conferences are held in faceless motels that feel more like prison than anything; being at Kindred Spirits felt more like being at a good friend’s house for the weekend. The facility was universally lauded by everyone I talked to: Steven raved about the fire, Ian said his bed was so big he couldn’t find Tessa on the other side, and so on and so on. We couldn’t have held the conference anywhere else. Al and Sharon: thank-you!

Second was the catering magic of Karin LaRonde. I’ve sung Karin’s praises before, but it bears repeating. In a couple of email exchanges, we worked out the details for providing three meals for 35 people over three days. Some vegetarian, some not. And then it just happened. The food was excellent: hot, tasty, healthy, interesting. And Karin did exactly what she said she was going to do. Which meant that we didn’t have to worry about the food. Karin, thanks!

If you are organizing a conference on Prince Edward Island (and shouldn’t you be?), you will not go wrong with hosting it at Kindred Spirits and having Karin provide the food. Tell them Zap sent you.