Zap Your PRAM Audio and Video

Thanks to the diligent work of Steven Garrity, the complete video and audio archive of the Zap Your PRAM Conference is now online.

A note about the video quality: our primary goal was to make an audio recording of each session. After some discussion, we decided that shooting video would be the best way to get good audio.

As such, much of the video is of poor quality: bad lighting, people walking in front of the camera, the camera falling to the ground, and so on. It’s also quite small, to keep the file size reasonable (and even at that, the files are still quite huge).


Ian Williams's picture
Ian Williams on December 3, 2003 - 07:43 Permalink

Thank god I’m not preserved on video for this. I just about lost my lunch when I saw myself on the monitor. Tessa, however, is very filmic.