You Daredevil You

One of the fringe benefits of the pandemic has been that the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle has launched an ambitious program of remote workshops over Zoom. Which is how I came to be learning about daredevil printing this afternoon from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. from the talented daredevil Jessica Spring, at Springtide Press in Tacoma.

Zoom screen shot from the Daredevil workshop

This was only the second letterpress course I’ve taken since I started printing: the first one, in 2010 at The Arm in Brooklyn, set me on my way. Since that point there’s been a lot of figuring things out by myself, and making up names for things, and generally just futzing around. So, in addition to the value of learning how to print with my newly-acquired set of daredevil furniture, the great joy of the session today was simply being able to watch another printer–a much, much more experienced and talented printer–go about the trade.

Stay tuned for much round printing to follow.