Yes, it is Claire Danes

See the boyfriend trouser. And Ethel Merman — one of my favourite singers of all time.


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oliver on April 6, 2007 - 03:21 Permalink

Ironically, considering Ethel Merman the epitome of bad performing and “uncoolness” is the oldest prejudice I can remember. A friend I admired used to mock snippets of her songs, which seemed to establish her as bad an uncool to me. It’s hard to shake a prejudice that old, but I really warmed to her in the Cole Porter documentary I saw recently, in which she did exactly that bit of song that the commercial excerpts—the musical protestations of that protofeminist cowgal, Annie Oakley. I guess having Claire Danes in underwear superimposed on the music pretty much secures my new warmth for Merman. She is really impressive without pants. Claire Danes, I mean.