I was feeling kinda down after lunch today, not particularly enthused about a trip right back to the office; not a mid-life crisis, just a dip in the shields.

I decided to swing round Brìgh Music & Tea instead of heading straight back to work, and was greeted by this new sandwich board out front:

Brigh Music and Tea Sandwich Board

They had me at “Yay!” and I stepped into the banjo-filled air-conditioned oasis, had myself a cool berry tea and one of Katlin’s sea-salt and caramel chocolates and a little bit of a chat (children, cellos, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, and whether a “free banjo with every 5 cups of tea” would be economically sustainable). And then I emerged into the sun, made a quick sketch of that which brung me in, and I’m back at the office with shields at full strength.