WVOM, the Voice Of Maine, is the radio station that most closely resembles that now defunct odd duck CKO. Fans of Canadian talk radio will recall that CKO was an all news radio network strung across the country in rag-tag fashion.

Like CKO, WVOM is a patchwork quilt of syndicated and local features — in the case of WVOM this means everything from the genial Bruce Williams to the strident pair of Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Laura to (and I’m not making this up) a show I heard tonight discussing the “Global Elite Information Control Complex.”

Apparently this group not only controls ABC News, Taco Bell and the minds of our children (which we already knew) but also is responsible for the Fallen Angels.

To learn more, drive to Maine and tune to 103.9FM.


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susy on June 7, 2003 - 01:12 Permalink

Hi, I am writing to ask you to please bring Bruce Williams back on your nightly radio lineup. The new show is dreadful, just between us. A lot of area people phoned in to Bruce’s show, so the listener ship is large. Please bring back this quality show! Bruce Williams is synonymous with WVOM. It is local tradition! How about it, gang?

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carl lyon on January 17, 2004 - 21:38 Permalink

Like wise, get rid of that Phil Hendrie guy. There is one day of the week where you have Coast to Coast on, they don’t finish the segment and then all of a sudden Hendrie is on. What a frustrating deal.

Don’t misunderstand me, I think Hendrie’s none showmanship qualities are excellent but other than that he is a waste of time, one cannot learn much from him, its just a time waster and I have to switch over to an AM station from Boston to continue with Coast to Coast then I have to put up with all that AM noise/interference.

I think Bruce is loosing it a bit I think some prions entered there somewhere.

And, while your at it, whats with this mixing of adverts, sometimes sounds like three different sets are running at the same time, perhaps time to tune up your computer.

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Bert on May 23, 2004 - 17:25 Permalink

This is the radio I listen to all the time, Much better than that commie mouthpiece Public Broadcasting. Here you hear the truth, not politically slanted BS. Problem is, they dont cover enough of Maine. Very poor in Southern Maine.

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sally on July 2, 2004 - 13:48 Permalink

Leo is on the air this morning! I am realizing how much I’ve missed him … we went into mourning when VOM canned him. There’s no one out there like him, and Mike and Eric have never come close. Good to hear Leo on with Mike!

Can we keep him?

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Kevin S. Low on July 26, 2004 - 01:23 Permalink

Thank God for Rush Limbaugh and all the other conservatives out there letting the Amercan people Know the truth about things. Lord Knows ABC,CBS and NBC and RPN aren’t going to tell you. They ( the NETWORKS) want the terrorists to win.
I’d like to find way to increase the strength of VOM’s radio signal so that it comes in as strong as public radio does every where. Perhaps we can organize a campiagn to get these good folks a stronger transmitter.

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KEN on August 14, 2004 - 15:41 Permalink


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john wright on August 29, 2004 - 21:05 Permalink

I do miss bruce williams to however dont take lars of he is great a real breath of fresh air. And leave phil alone its great enertainment i get many laughs listening to him. By the way howie carr rocks.

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Carrie on October 20, 2004 - 18:16 Permalink

Listen to your programming exclusively. Was angered by the clown who called in to voice his opinion: He doesn’t like the religous “stuff”: Pastor Bill Crites (SP?). I hope you didn’t pull the segment because of that (those?) call(s). I feel Pastor Bill is very well spoken and have enjoyed his segments on Tues. AMs. Where is he?

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funny bunny on November 8, 2004 - 19:10 Permalink

unable to get statiom since mon,nov 1st.we miss you.can’t even get on radio!!!! What’s up???????

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George Dean on December 30, 2004 - 01:12 Permalink

I can’t stand it any more! Just about every talk show I hear is all Bush… Rush Limbaugh, Howie Carr ( at least he talks about something other than how wonderful Bush is and how bad the “liberals” are) Lars Larsen…come on guys is this the “Bush Network” or what! How about letting people hear the other side of the story…put on at least someone who is moderate and doesn’t spend their time bowing to Bush and bashing the “liberals”. It was a sad day in our country when Bush was reelected. How could people be so fooled by this guy!?? At least 49 percent of the people made the right decision!

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Mage on February 8, 2005 - 02:47 Permalink

The new morning show is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Rick Tyler has a lot to learn about radio, and George Hale is just Baldacci’s Commissar, pushing his corrupt liberal agenda. Listeners are turning off WVOM in the morning left and right, because of the snore factor, and the fact that the hosts do not represent the true spirit or values of Mainers.

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michael kelly on February 14, 2005 - 20:17 Permalink

Get rid of the Phil Hendrie….on way too long already…sickeing
and NOT funny…what a moron…put someone with intelligence on
those hours…what happened to Bruce Williams? Also, this Leo on
Sat afternoons, is for the birds…who is this guy? I was glad when
they canned him the first time, but now he is b ack. Howie Carr is
great..sometimes….keep him on….BUT PLEASE get rid of Hendrie and
that LA crap!!

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Paul Nardizzi on February 16, 2005 - 14:35 Permalink

Hi My name is Paul Nardizzi, comedian from Boston and author of 602 Reasons to be Ticked Off (Andrews McMeel Publishing) Wanted to inquire about possibly coming on some time? I also will be appearing at the Camden Opera House on St Patrick’s Day. If you need an advance copy of the book please let me know Thanks
Paul Nardizzi
508 270 1043

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Duffy on March 7, 2005 - 12:37 Permalink

Get rid of Hendrie, Rick Tyler. Both are extremely annyoing—Hendrie intentionally, Tyler unintentionally. Hendrie’s entire concept turns me off. Should we really support his nonsense and dishonesty? Tyler comes across as rude, poorly informed, and arrogant. Please can the ‘blind man’ ad.
Let’s have more Coast to Coast, please. The guests and content bring very important technological information and experiences. This program is the reason I turned into WVOM in the first place, so thank you. Please fix the website and links so I know the programming schedule. Thanks.

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Ed Greenblatt on May 3, 2005 - 19:20 Permalink

Dear Rick and George:

Your discussion on Dirigo is great, but you need to be more accurate on alternatives that work far better!

Dirigo is the brain child of The Liberal left and their mission to control health care spending and services as the single payer in Maine. Since the early 90’s, politicians have been changing health care law in Maine and has driven all small group insurers out!

Thanks to federal laws, Maine companies have alternate choices to Mainecare and Dirigo.

I can prove that any plan I look at, can beat Dirigo and Anthem, if the laws governing health plan content is liberalized and plans can offer less coverage/benefits offered to consumers. There are several current plans available to individuals and small business that are regulated in a different way and cost much less. I originally lobbied for this approach, but was told by the Dirigo health board, that they were designing the richest possible plan for Maine participants, then they were going to find 1 company to market it. So we all got an Anthem plan at a high cost. Dirigo is being funded by all other health plans in Maine via a tax on collected premium, government funds and premiums paid by employers and employees.

I could go on, but there are a few things to look at:
1) with as little as 35 employees, a company in Maine can self-insure and come up with their own plan and save money.
2) Maine government employs 100’s of employee to run and manage different health programs from Maine-care to Dirigo. What are the salaries being paid, and how much could we save if private companies were allowed to compete?

3) Why are so few being covered with Dirigo?

4) Several states are now using for profit companies to manage their medicade-programs. Why is Maine doing the opposite? Are we smarter or more foolish?

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Sally on May 22, 2005 - 13:43 Permalink

I have listened to WVOM for years, back when it was “real”. During the ice storm, it was so comforting to know there were “real people” there, and they did a wonderful service to all of us who were going thru it. Charlie Horn was one of the BEST guys to ever be on local talk radio and he got a very raw deal from clear channel.

Since clear channel has taken over . it has gone downhill tremendously…. ads over ads…simultaneously… ads when you’re trying to listen to something interesting on a talk show……etc etc, this is a reoccuring thing too, I might add.
The programming has taken a downhill turn as well, Phil Hendries got old and very annoying, and offensive after the first week, and the morning guys—Rick and George ,both of whom I have liked in the past—but, NOT together.
I also was so disappointed when you guys cut Bruce Williams
I was pleased last night to hear Glen Beck, however, I only heard about 45 minutes of a 3 hr show. with the music, all the ads, the music again, it was enough to make one crazy. if…there had been a ‘real ” person at the station, if there had been a problem.. chances are something could had been said about it, but this music crap and ad after ad —C’MON PEOPLE!!!
I would like to hear Glen Beck in place of Hendries or earlier during the week. I was listening to 107.9 to hear Beck but…now that station has been screwed up too.
Please—pay attention to what your listeners want,put some “real people” back in there who CARE about what Maine people want instead of your automated foolishness.

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David on June 25, 2005 - 13:39 Permalink

Phil Hendries is a moron. So is Rush Limbaugh. All you idiots who think you’re getting factual information from these right wing dimwits are sadly mistaken. NPR may not be perfect, but at least you’ll learn something if you listen.

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A Voice In Maine on July 22, 2005 - 22:37 Permalink

The new George and Ric morning show is terrific. Great guests and topics. The show moves right along and is never dull. Love point-counterpoints the you do with reps and dems.

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Angus MacGyver on September 4, 2005 - 15:59 Permalink

I have been a long listener to WVOM and I feel that I must add my 2 cents worth. As a former broadcaster with management as well as engineering experience (radio & television) I am dismayed at the lack of professionalism routinely exhibited at all levels of your operation. Your automation misfires as reliably as “Old Faithful.” Usually, this occurs on weekends, or after hours during the week, when no human being is there at the studio to correct the problem. Apparently, no one “in charge” bothers to listen at these times, either.

The lack of professionalism extends to that moronic morning show hosted by Ric Tyler & George Hale. I sadly recall Mr. Tyler’s descent into a juvenile “hissy-fit” during a live remote from Dysart’s Truck Stop one morning. Tyler is also “faux-conservative,” and exhibits his not-so-hidden liberal streak on a regular basis. A major gripe is grammar. Anyone who says, “join me and George Hale…” versus the correct, “…join George Hale and I…” does not deserve to be on the airways. What I find to be hilarious is Tyler’s pretensious elitism the use of the word “gravity” when interviewing Sen. Snowe. Coupled with “me and George…” it’s really revealing.

Once upon a time an announcer was expected to represent the pinnacle of communication in the spoken word. Same gripe as far as Hale is concerned. He obviously read the same script. Hale’s problem is that he should have retired gracefully some years past. If I want to hear an Ed Wynn impersonation, I’ll go for the real McCoy and rent “Mary Poppins” or “Son of Flubber.”

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ima on September 16, 2005 - 03:01 Permalink

Angus, your grasp of grammer is astounding. Mr. Tyler is correct when he says, “Join me and Geogre Hale…” not, as you suggest, “join George Hale and I”. In this case, Mr. Tyler correctly uses the objective pronoun me. I guess you, as a professional announcer, would of said, “Join I every Sunday on the Angus Show”. You my friend, are an idiot!

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Bruce on September 18, 2008 - 14:02 Permalink

When are you going to get your signal fixed? It seems every time we have a wind your signal goes away.. your station is the only talk show station left for us in central Maine. I like sports but 6 stations! I may not agree with some of the views of the hosts, but it does keep us abreast on daily issues. Thanks

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Vicki on February 13, 2009 - 14:27 Permalink

I have two comments to make. When you speak of Homeland Security, why isn’t Maine concerned about the Hut System? How many taxpayer dollars were put into this “terrorist corridor”? It is an excellent unsupervised avenue for any terrorist to venture. We in the area are full aware that it was not far from here that the terrorist came into Maine thus committing the 9-11 incident. This unsupervised trail will eventually lead to that very road that they traveled and even now leads to truck roads that make their way to Coburn Gore and that border crossing.

One more comment…..George speaks of the fact that we have voted “YES” for these referendums which have been loaded with tax dollars….I think that if only “taxpaying residents” in this state voted, there would be a different outcome. When prisoners (from Maine or not) can vote, college students that are only here for a brief time and have NO consequences when voting “yes” on taxpayers commitment, illegal aliens that only have to produce an address on an envelope to declare residency, welfare families that scurry to Maine to get the “booty”, but have no intention of eventually replacing the tax dollars that they have used…….point made.
If the voting rules in Maine were changed, we would not be such a Socialist State.
Thank you for your show and also for this opportunity to share my views.
A committed listener.

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MeARNG wife on April 17, 2009 - 16:50 Permalink

I am glad to be able to tune in to Rick Tyler and George Hale (not so much George but anyway…). We lost WLOB and although the 2 shows are not exactly alike,
some of the subjects are touched upon a little. But it is interresting and I think Ric Tyler is amusing, informed, likeable, and really has the interest of Mainers on his mind and in his heart. I think G Hale needs to retire and take his liberal views off to Florida and live happily and comfortably.
I like all the weekday talk shows, never have caught Dr Laura on this station but on others and I don’t care for her much and Rush, well he is Rush a big blowhard who likens himself to….oh GOD? A very very long stretch indeed.
But keep it coming Ric Tyler, you are awesome.
The woman on there, forget her name (no wonder) is way too liberal and sarcastic and immature for talk radio.

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RITA on April 20, 2009 - 11:34 Permalink

Bruce Williams, the financial wizard, could be of help to a number of individuals during these tough economic times! (I assume that he is physically well and still working as a radio host).