WHOIS making websites for PEI poltical parties?

Every time you type a web address into your browser, you’re using something called a domain name – the one for this website, for example, is ruk.ca.

Anyone can register a domain name and there’s a directory of who’s registered what that’s called WHOIS: with this tool you can connect a domain name to the person or organization who registered it.

There’s used to be one big WHOIS for the entire Internet, but, with the expansion of the Internet, the directory has now splintered and you need to go different places for different domains. For the .ca domain, used here in Canada, Webnames.ca’s WHOIS is one place to go.

Every domain name has a “Registrar” (the company paid to register the domain name), a “Registrant” (the person or organization who registered the name) and an “administrative contact” (the contact person for the domain).

Using that tool, you can find out something about the websites of the Island’s registered political parties; It’s possible to hide the registrant and the administrative contact when you’re registering the domain; The Island Party is the only party that opted to do this. Here’s where the domains for the Island’s parties are registered, and by whom:

Party Website Registrar Registrant Administrative Contact
Green Party DomainsAtCost Corp. Green Party of Prince Edward Island Stiles
Island Party Go Daddy Domains Canada Hidden Hidden
Liberal Party Webnames.ca Inc. Results Marketing and Advertising Heather Howatt
NDP DomainsAtCost Corp. NDP Party of PEI Mr Michael Bryanton
PC Party Go Daddy Domains Canada Fresh Media Inc. Melody Dover