Who is wid us and who is agin us

From my American friend Maggie comes a pointer to this story about an American eBay vendor refusing to sell to a Canadian, giving the reason as “we do not ship to, or accept bids from, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany or any other country that does not support the United States in our efforts to rid the world of Saddam Hussein. If you are not with us, you are against us.”


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Wayne on March 25, 2003 - 23:15 Permalink

The American ambassador to Canada has stated the fact that the US has stood “ready, willing and able…without debate or delay” to come to the aid of their close relative, Canada. He goes on to say that there is much disappointment in Canada across the United States. I think they expected as much from France, but not us.

This may be our PM’s last parting shot at Paul Martin, who is due to take over shortly. I would love to ask him whether he will govern by polls or exercise the real leadership that the job calls for. I also would like to know what his plan is to repair this damage done to our friend and American brother. We gotta do something about this one party country we have right now.

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Kevin on March 25, 2003 - 23:40 Permalink

The United States really has to learn that Canada is in fact a nation of people who owe allegiance to a red and white flag. Any serious Canadian respects the American nation a great deal. In fact, a good patriotic Canadian, doing his duty to stick up for his American friends and relatives, would do well to help explain to Bush that American hegemony is fine within the US border but “out here we’ll thank you to say ‘please’ ”.

When I started with “The United States really has to learn” of course I am not talking about that half of American voters who wanted a different president; nor am I talking about the hundred million or so who didn’t feel voting would do anything much for them; and of course the 30 or so million who thought GW Bush would be able to understand most of his own speeches and gave him their vote; nor would it include any American who’s life has been destroyed by medical bills and who’s spirt has suffered such an indignity that he believes his government is doing all it can for him; and it won’t include any American boy or girl who’s body will return home broken and smashed from Iraq because their president decided to fight a war which is considered an illegal act by the UN and most of the world community and at least 20% of Americans.

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Let’s make one thing clear: Never has international diplomacy been comfortable with the likes of Paul Cellucci. He sounds like he’s competing with Bush for butt-head of the year (why is it that dullards perpetuate the US administration? Very dangerous.)

Particularly between the US and Canada (going both ways) ambassadors are usually much better behaved. Cellucci’s mission to Canada is on par with appointing Ms Kely-Hawkes as Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs.

And, on the topic of the US being “willing and able” to defend Canada. Let’s make some sense on that too; the US would easily defend Canada *if and when that is in the interests of the US* and not otherwise. The thing that seperates Canadians from Americans (in this context) is that we are MUCH more likely to defend and assist other nations when it is decidely NOT in our best interests (example: Canadians are more likely to oppose this illegal war. It is illegal. And that’s not in any of our interests right now — but honor is worth more than prosperity if we can choke it down.)

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Reasons why the current action has not been declared illegal…

1)Conditions not met in the details of the ceasefireat the end of the Gulf War

2Resolution 1441 indicated “severe consequences” if Iraq did not comply

3)UN Charter allows every nation the right to take necessary action to defend itself.

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An interesting comment I heard on the weekend — where was the US in 1914 and 1939? We did not fight with them in Vietnam, in Central America. We did, under the UN, in Korea and Kuwait. We operated under NATO in the former Yugoslavia. We don’t, in fact, have much of a history being in lock step with the US where use of our armed forces for combat is concerned.

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Peter on March 27, 2003 - 22:58 Permalink

Of course we are not siding with the Bush administation’s unilateral decision to wage war on Iraq. As brutal as Saddam may be, a UN, multi-lateral solution to the problem of how to help the Iraqi people is our (and most of the world’s nations) way to handle this issue. The United Nations was established to find non-military solutions to serious national and international crises. This is the basket into which we have placed our energy and resources. I would hope that the USA, finding itself with so little international support would rethink its stand on this issue but that is obviously not going to happen this far into the campaign. This is a tragedy for the the citizens of Iraq. As for Paul Cellucci , the US is not under attack, it is Iraq which is feeling the impact of US military aggression. If you want support , earn it.

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What may have got Cellucci going have been a series of remarks by people close to Chretien (Bush = a Moron) “I hate Americans they are bastards” and worst of all remarks bt Dalliwhal(? you know I can’t spell) a minister using the same type of language.

This is plain silly and has made Americans mad. These type of remarks go way beyond our being a sovereign nation with our own view and interests which over time are defensible. Bu quasi official insults throw down the gauntlet

We will pay big time for this language and the fact that Chretien has not put his foot down to deal with this from the outset.

We are naive to think that this is a small issue. This will be a titanic struggle where the world and all the alliances since WWII will shift. Nato, the EU everything will change. America will draw a line between those that are seen as its friends and all the rest. Can’t you sense this?

Foreign policy is not a moral game but a system of interests. With 80% of our trade with the US we are simply dumb to be rude. To have held back in support of the war might be recovered from but gratuitous official insult is stupid and it will cost us a great deal

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Just a note that the “Peter” above isn’t me.

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Wayne on March 28, 2003 - 13:36 Permalink

Rob…don’t forget the booing of the American national anthem in Montreal. I guess they are still mad in Quebec about the Clinton Admin. coming to the rescue of the Liberal Govt. (at the request of the Can. Govt.)by indicating they did not favor a separate Quebec during the last referendum. But, in all honesty, Montreal hockey fans at least the ones sitting in the Bell, are a bad representation of Quebeckers or Canadian.

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Kevin on March 28, 2003 - 14:28 Permalink

The entire US administration has now taken on the same air as most extreme-fringe political groups. They have adopted a seige mentality which makes them feel justified in any disproportionate response to any triviality they choose.

The “moron” type comments are specks of sand in a global dust storm and it makes Americans feel good to over blow them right now.

In a few weeks they will be humbled by the Iraqie military — they’ll win, but they will learn a huge lesson about the cost of American hegemony — and then they’ll want their old friends back; sorta like a school boy who’s just been scolded by a teacher, humble, out streached hand, and hoping his mates will stick by him in his hour of sorrow as he gets over what the teacher said.

George, go to the corner and stay there until you’re prepared to behave and respect your fellow classmates!

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The Americans, I predict, will not be humbled by the Iraqi military. In fact, “Resistance is futile.”

But, I gotta admit…the Iraqis’ are tough little buggers.