Where were the Rukavinas?

Dad sent along a link to this interesting Ancestry.com page that provides a map, from the 1920 U.S. Census, of all the Rukavina families in America. Also interesting to note their definition for the last name:

Croatian and Serbian: nickname from an augmentative form of ruka ‘hand,’ a nickname for someone with large hands.


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Rukavina’s Croatian history originate from place Trnovac (Ternowaz) near Gospi&#263, Lika — Croatia.

In history they was known as nobles with titles — Rukavina von Liebstadt, Rukavina von Morgenstern, Rukavina von Vladimirovich (Vladimirovich is actualy name of town in west Russia where they got land while servicing as officers in Prussian army, before comeing into Croatia, lead by millitary opportunities given by Austro-hungarians for defending “new border”) and last — Rukavina von Vidovgrad.

Among many others, most important Rukavinas in Croatian history are probably Baron Mathias Rukavina, Austro-Hungarian Generalmajor (born in Trnovac 1737.), governer of Croatia before Josip Jelacic (2 times), man who penetrated Kotor and Dalmatia with imperial forces. And Austro-Hungarian Feldmarschal leutnant Baron Georg Rukavina (born in Trnovac 1777), commander of Temishvar fortress and one of most important figures in modern Croatian history.

At 1918. Rukavinas find their place on the list of “Serbian Kindgom” enemies (same as everything else related to Hapsburgs). All their lands was confiscated, titles taken, and public political expressing forbiden. So, during this period (1918-1922) huge part of family leaves into Argentina and USA.

If you are anyhow related to Rukavina family, you should have at least grand father (or his father) born — or in Trnovac, or in Lukovo Sugarje near Karlobag (during short period between 1845 — 1914), when family temporary splited.

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where did you hear about the vladimirovich
=russia story? My mom and all her descendants before her were born in the rukavina house in trnovac. I read that the vladimirovic name came from the rukavina descendant who was the second to last king of bosnia, radivoj vladimirovic. When he was deposed by his half brother, the last king of bosnia, he returned to his fiefdom in hercegovina. when the turks invaded, they fled to dalmatia eventually ending up in the karlobag vicinity. from there they liberated the areas of trnovac, novi, and brusane from the turks, and built the house where my mom was born. The rukavina name came from a nikname which was derived from the wide sleeves (rukave) the clan wore when they arrived in dalmatia.

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Your are correct. One of my family: Rukavina von Vezinovac have written a genialogie.

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Vladimirovska was province (some call it also — white Croatia.), and you can find it listed as province in Ban Josip Jelacic’s Announcement to Croatian people from 1848 during Austrian Hungarian monarchy (Bosnia and Hercegovia become governed by monarchy at 1878 and part of monarchy at 1908).

Anyway, it would be strange for family with “royal roots” to change name from it’s slavic origin into “new descriptive name” (non typical for clan naming, and very modern for that times) without good reasons.

First important Rukavina mentioned was (correct me if I am wrong) Jerko Rukavina. Together with Marko Mesi&#263 (priest) he participated in Lika and Krbava liberation, under general Josip Herberstein’s command, in 1693. At this moment Austria was sending troups to “calm down Uskoks” (actualy seage of Sarajevo failed, but this is different story .., ) in Senj, and take over Zrinski-Frankopan lands (including areas of Karlobag — Vidov grad — Lukovo Sugarje, Brusane and Trnovac). Somehow, it happened that Jerko Rukavina got this lands and formed — first Brusane, then Trnovac (place with same name and basic architecture exsisted in “white Croatia” near town Liebstadt, todays Milovice in Poland).

So far there is no evidence of Rukavine’s clan or their exsistance on teritory of Bosnia-Hercegovina and/or Croatia before Jerko Rukavina (before 1650’s).

Bosnian roots theory” developed mostly thanks to priests, especialy after WWI because of obvious pragmatical reasons (cutting any Habsburg connections). Maybe it is correct, but there is no single evidence for it.

My grandfather was also born in Tnovac (house of Mate Rukavina), and he was forced to escape from it together with his mother at 1918.

Unfortunately, together with “objective circumstances” family was well known for it’s “continous internal fights” over lands, which escalated after WWI.

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Its nice to finaly find some history on my last name.

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I am from trnovac house # 45 last male born in this house jan 10 1958 the house is full of history but the house sits empty it should be a museum as a little boy I played with leg irons and swads that were used in the war to keep the turks out of Europe I was told by my grandfather Milan Rukavina (Bilin)

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I must correct myself. Trnovac originate from Tarnowice (castle was called Tarnaw), near the Liebstadt (Today’s Milakowo — Poland)in Ostpreussen County Mohrungen. Unfortunately, I mixed Milovice and Milakowo.

It is interesting to follow path of White Croat forces under Prussian command (Dragoner divisions) on their way to Croatia … On all points where they got concentrated and fortified, it is easy to find “Tarnowice — Tarnaw” connection … From Poland, to Slovakia (Trnava — Tyrnau, Liptovsky Trnovec), Slovenia (Ternovec)and then whole bunch of Trnovac’s near Sava river, around Bosnia, true parts of Mont Negro … and at the end — Trnovac Lika/Croatia (this was route for troups to come at Adriatic Coast, and cut Ottomans from back.

Karlobag was place from where Jerko Rukavina penetrated Lika and Krbava to connect with Josip Herberstain (from Senj). First Croatian nobilities titles Rukavina’s got there (in church of St. Vid — Karlobag), populating todays Cesarica (fortified place west from Karlobag), Lukovo/Sugarje (East side of Karlobag, harbour), Sv. Juraj near Senj …

Latter Fieldmarshall leutenent Mate (Matthias) Rukavina (born in Trnovac as we said before), as “millitary governer” of Croatia moved in town of Zadar, and got soma lands on Island Vir (where Rukavina’s still live), and near Knin.

In this period Rukavinas who got Vidovgrad and Bonyograd (Matthias used this “translated version” during Napoleon French Empire) was not born exclusively in Trnovac.

Rukavinas was not only generals, then also participated in reborn modern Croatian Art. For example Fridrik Rukavina (28.10.1883 St. Georgen — Sv. Juraj) head and former of modern Croatian National Theater and Opera …

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I would like more information on the Rukavina, that were living in or around S.V. Juraj. Please Email me at anne.schuster18@gmail.com

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Hi all,

I am glad that few of us from arround the world still care about our family history.
I’d firstly like to clear few misconceptions.
There’s the place called Trnovac in region of Lika, Croatia. There’s the museum of family Rukavina in one of the houses in Trnovac. I am planning to visit it this summer when I visit Croatia.
There’s a gentlemen in Croatia, Mr. Vujasinovic, who is researching the history of Rukavina/Vladimirovich. His works are based on authentical records that are several centuries old.
I originally believed that the Bosnian roots were a myth.
However, there’s the written evidence that proves this fact. Vladimirovichs were dukes who owned lands in today’s Hercegovina. More details can be found in some articles written by Mr. Vujasinovic.
I belong to the Vidovgrad branch. Vidovgrad is actually called Vidovac and there’s indeed still visible a small fortress dating back to the Roman times.

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I hope this is all going into the Rukapedia. You know, I think I’m suddenly seeing an echo of all this in the restiveness of Peter’s youth and his journeys across the country before finally creating the domain Rukavina.net. Aren’t you also allergic to Dalmations, Peter?

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My mother is named Ana RUKAVINA. She was born in Konjsko Brdo in Croatia. Her father's name is Mile Rukavina. He left for Chicago with his twin brother in the 1920's but he went back to Croatia and married Luja Rukavina in 1929. His twin borther, named Nikola Rukavina, moved to Hawaï and died there in the mid 50's. My great-grand parents were Jura and Ana Rukavina from my grand-father's side and Jura and Maria Rukavina from my grand-mother's side. My grandmother's brothers Martin and Mika left for Canada and Argentina.

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Hello to all Rukavinas,
I am fascinated with origins of Vladimirovici.
Where can I find some reliable informations going back to 10 AD?
Is there any connections between Vladimirovici and King Tomislav?

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Hello, It is so nice to hear how history is. I don’t know much about the Rukavinas. I know that my grandfather dad is a descendant of Rukavinas. My great-great grandfather name was Vladimiro Rukavina. That’s all i know so if you can give more info it will be great..

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hello there rukavina familly from a big world out there.. My name is Robert Rukavina and i’m from Zagreb, Croatia now living in Australia. My dad knows a lot about the family tree and we also have our own rukavina coat of arms as our great great great great great well you get the point was a knight. something i always wanted to do is trace my complete family history but with all of us scattered all over the globe its a bit hard. my email address is shoogb81@yahoo.com.au so feel free to contact me and i will try to answer any questions. lets all get in touch as we are a big family last estimated to about 3600 members..

Bog i Hrvati

robert rukavina

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My great great grandma was Romana Maria Rukavina 17 Feb 1867 in S.V. Juraj Senj,Croatia. She married Jurge Plese there 28 June 1885, they moved to Generalski Stol.
I even hired a professional genealogists, but she said you had to buy the records first. Any help would be much appreciated, it has been decades, but our family can't find her parents Or family members. My email is anne.schuster18@gmail.com. Thank you. REBECCA

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:) pozdrav

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Just wanted to greet all you Rukavina’s around the world. I live in Zagreb, but I’am originally from Budžak, Klanac, Lika, Croatia.

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Hello Davor,
Did you play basketball for Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota during the 1970's?
Jim Wilber

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No, that is a different Davor Rukavina. He lives in the suburbs of Chicago :)

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Great page ;-) i’ll be back…

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Zdravo to all you Rukavinas out there. My father Matt/Mate emigrated from Trnovac with his mother Ika/Edith (nee Pavelic) in 1930. My grandfather (Dragan) had come across earlier in 1926 and by accident ended up in Kapuskasing Ontario Canada where he settled and sent for my grandmother and father. My father and mother still reside in Kapuskasing to this day. My paternal great grandfather was also Mate from Kula originally and settled in Novi. My maternal great grandfather (my grandmother’s father) was Dujo Pavelic and died in 1916/1917 (?) of the Spanish flu. My grandfather Dragan also had a brother, Ivica (John), who emigrated to Idaho, USA and finally settled in Pinegrove California USA. Any more info or contact greatly appreciated. Laka noc!

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I was so excited to see Kapuskasing as I was raised in Kapuskasing. My great grandparents Polde Rukavina & Manda (originally Pavlic) came to Canada in the 1920s. They raised their kids in Kapuskasing, my grandfather Nikola Rukavina and his sister Katy Rukavina. I’m sorry that I don’t have information for you about your family but it was very interesting to read about your family history.

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Hello. Thank you all for your postings- good information!! My Rukavina line went to America in 1909. They ended up in Minnesota. George (Grgur) Rukavina was born Jan 24, 1890 in Gospic. His father was Ivan Rukavina, born 1855, died 1918. His mother was Kata Kasumovic, born 1871, died 1951. George had brothers: Tony (Antonija), Josip, Nikola and Luiji. Sisters: Jelena, Marija, Ante, Anka, and Magdalena. The sisters stayed in Croatia. I hope these names are familiar to some one, as Ivan Rukvina has been too comon a name to research . If you have any information on this line, please email us at: beverlyjonatha@msn.com

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Greetings, Beverley, this is posted in Jan. 2018. Is it possible that your line of MN Rukavina's is related to the Mary (Marija) Louise Mathia Rukavena that lived in and near Gilbert, MN, from about 1912 onward. Mary married a Biondich. Alexandra Benedict

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I am planning a trip to Croatia in May of 2020. My Grandfathers name was Tony (Anthony Louis). As a young child, my father also Tony, Jr. took us to visit relatives in Minnesota. That’s all I know. Could it be?

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I’m going with you, Sis!!
Kiddocks, Latraine in Waverly MN! Toni Marie Rukavina, niece to Frank and Olga Rukavina, granddaughter of Anthony Rukavina, great granddaughter of Josehine & John Rukavina, from Ellis Island Croatia//

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I’m going with you, Sis!!
Kiddocks, Latraine in Waverly MN! Toni Marie Rukavina, niece to Frank and Olga Rukavina, granddaughter of Anthony Rukavina, great granddaughter of Josehine & John Rukavina, from Ellis Island Croatia//

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Our Grgur (George)Rukavina (1890-1972) had a brother Antonija (Tony), born Jan 16, 1889. Their father was Ivan ((1855-1918) and their mother: Kata Kasumovic 1871-1951)). Our George came to Hibbing, Minnesota in 1909. He told us little about his family..are we related? You can reach me at beverlyjonathan@msn.com Beverly

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Get information. Looking for Lucjia Rukavina b.1867 married Grgo Lulic’ Klanac-Pazariste this is the first real lead I have come across. Their daughter Mandalena came to America in 1923. Manda had 3 brothers, Ivica, Mato, Mile and three sisters, Kata, Majia, Anna. I am learning to read Croatian very quickly as it seems to be the only way to find things. Any word on these names would be great. We believe Lucjia mother’s name was Magdalena Dosen.

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I also search for more information. I hope , that Magdalena Došen was the sister or a cousin of my grandfather: Josip" Čale/Čalan"Došen 1876-1957. His father was Stjepan Došen , married with Katica Došen born Devćič. I remember, that my oldest aunt tell me about grandfather "Rok/Rokina" Rukavina.
Also my grandfather come working to USA in beginning of 1920. One brother or uncel help him to come to USA. He build the Tube in Chicago. Later he return tu Croatia-Brušane.

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Profesor sam povijesti i već dugi niz godina sam objavljivao članke u knjigama i časopisima o Rukavinama. Imam spreman rukopis o Rukavinama s oko 300 stranica teksta i oko 130 različitih slika, zemljovida i crtanih rodoslovlja. Posebice sam došao do arhivskih podataka te objavio različite grbove plemenitih Rukavina kojih danas samo u Hrvatskoj živi oko 5000. Poznati plemeniti Rukavine su s pridjevcima: “Vidovgradski”, “Ljubački”, ” von Liebstadt”, ” Vezinovac” , “Bojnogradski” i “Morgestern”. Iz ove bunjevačke i časničke obitelji potekla su tri feldmaršala, nekoliko generala, a trojica Rukavina nosila su barunski naslov. Svi podatci su na temelju dugogodišnjeg istraživanja u mnogim arhivima i temelje se kao znanstveni uradak. Pošto je problem nači izdavača i novac za izdavanje u ova recesijska vremena, ja bih Vas osobno zamolio za novčanu pomoć da bi knjiga-monografija”Znameniti bunjevački i lički rod Rukavina”, mogla izači iz tiska. O mojim radovima o Rukavinama možete pogledati na različitim linkovima preko googla, ako stavite moje ime i prezime.
Osbno se nadam da će se netko nači tko će pomoći tiskanje knjige kako bi mnoge činjenice o ovoj znamenitoj obitelji otrgnuli od zaborava.
S poštovanjem!
mag. povijesti Enver Ljubović, prof.
V. Čopića 1
53270 SENJ
tel: 00 385 53 882189
mob: 00 385 91 2882189
e-mail: enver.ljubovic@gs. t-com.hr

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Hello Peter,
I would like to know about Katharina Edle Rukavina von Vezinovac. She was the wife of my grand grandfather; Friedrich Ehrlich. And if you don't mind. Please tell me something about Vezinovac. What is it for/meaning.
Thank you in advance.

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A (rough) machine translation of Enver’s post:

Hello! I am a professor of history and for many years I have published articles in books and magazines on Rukavina. I have a manuscript ready to Rukavina with about 300 pages of text and about 130 different pictures, maps and cartoons of genealogy. In particular, I came to the archival data and published various coats of arms of noble Rukavina which now only live in Croatia 5000th Known as the noble Rukavina pridjevcima “Vidovgradski”, “Ljubački”, “von Liebstadt”, “Vezinovac”, “Bojnogradski” and “Morgestern. From this Bunjevačke officer and the family came three field marshal, a few generals and three Rukavina wore barunski title. All data are based on many years of research in many archives and are based on a scientific artwork. Since the problem of finding a publisher and money for the issue in this time of recession, I would like to personally ask for financial help to the book-monograph “Eminent Bunjevci and Lika rod Rukavina, could go out of print. About my work on Rukavina you look at the different links via Google, if you put my name and surname. Osbno hope you will find someone who will help publish the book to many facts about this famous family torn from oblivion. Sincerely! mag. History ENVER, prof. V. Copic 1 53270 SENJ tel: 00 385 53 8821 89 mob: 00 385 1991 2882 189 e-mail: enver.ljubovic@gs.t-com.hr

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links with stilinovic?

we are the stilinovic family living in australia. we are somehow related to the rukavina family (tom and irene) from modesto california as my father used to correspond with them. he has now passed away and with him any information on the link that I assume goes back to croatia. both stilinovic and rukavina familes are popular in lika so this is probably the connection — any info would be appreciated.

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Moje ime je Ivan Rukavina ja zivim u Australia rogen sam u Kosa selo pokraj Perusica Lika.Moja orginalno porjeklo je od Sain familije iz Konjsko Brdo tamo je rogen moj Paradjed njegovo ime je Karlo Rukavina Sain,Sain porodica je velika porodica kao moj Paradjed on je otisao iz Konjsko Brdo u Kosu gdje je ostavo,kavo Njgov Brat je otisao u Kraljevo u Srbiju i tamo ostao,druga Draca su otisli u Varos pokraj Perusica ,a jedan u Argentinu.Ja bi volio da stupim u kontakt sa porodicom Sain.Ja sam poceo da pisem knjigu o mojoj boksackom karijerom zivljenje u Australiji,Americi i isto o Hrvatskom narodu i mojoj porodici.Ocu kazati moj Djed je rogen Rukavina ,moja Baba njegova zena isto rogena Rukavina isto tako moja Mama rogena Rukavina,a svi su od drugih plemena nisu nista bili u rodu My E_MAIL je rukavina@hotmail.co.uk isto mozete mene pronaci na facebook

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Hi All.
My name is Miro Rukavina born in Osijek Croatia 1962, parents and sister migrated 1968 and still living in Melbourne Australia. Both of my parents were born in Bosnia but had to flee after WW2 as dad was a non friend of Yugo Government. Big Hello to all Rukavinas and Croatians around the world. Bog i Hrvati.

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Hello All,

My name is Chris Rukavina. I am part of the 4th generation of Rukavina’s reportedly from Gospic Croatia. My great grandfather was Frank Rukavina. I’m sure Frank was Americanized when he immigrated from Croatia and I unfortunately don’t know what it was prior. Frank left Gospic because the family did not approve of his bride to be, kind of a Romeo and Juliet story. Frank Rukavina and Anna Zubek (Americanized I assume) immigrated to the U.S. roughly around 1904 and ended up settling in Utah where they had three kids, Mickey, George, Mary, and Bill. I wont bore you with any other details. Does anyone out there have any idea of how I could further research our family tree?

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Hello all,

I live in Vancouver, Canada, but my maternal grandparents emigrated from Croatia in 1926 (Dida) and 1930 (Baba). Dida was a Milkovic born in Smiljan, Lika. Baba was born in a small place in Lika called Buzim — apparently not the Buzim in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Her family was Prpic, but her mother was a Rukavina. Baba passed away when I was quite young, so I never got to ask her about the family history. But she always said, “Don’t forget the name Rukavina. “

Apparently there was some system whereby sabres were given to members of a family for some recognition, and after a family received 100 sabres, the family rose in prominence. I’m not sure how this worked, or if I’m remembering it correctly, since Baba died 30 years ago. Anyway, Baba’s uncle — a Rukavina — was supposed to receive the 100th sabre, but was killed by a rival family, according to the story we were told as kids. I have never been able to confirm this, and have never found any information about these sabres. Has anyone else ever heard about this?

At some point in her childhood, Baba and her family moved from Buzim to Sisak. All I know is that they were considered some sort of ‘peasant nobility’, with many professionals in the family, such as doctors, lawyers et cetera. Baba was sent to Vancouver by her family for an arranged marriage to a Tomljenovic. Her two older sisters were already in Vancouver — the oldest one married to a Separavic, and the middle one engaged to another Croatian. But the middle one ‘s fiancé ran off while Baba was enroute to Canada, so the Tomljenovic man was ‘obligated’ to marry the middle sister. Thus Baba arrived without anyone to marry, which left the door open for Dida. The man who should have married Baba ended up being my great uncle.

Sorry if I’ve provided too many details, but I am eager to learn more about our connection to the Rukavinas, and how this nobility thing worked. There’s nobody from Baba’s generation left who can answer these questions, so I’m hopeful someone out there might be able to tell me more.

Thanks so much!
Don Morrison,

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Hi I am 58 live in Australia for 54 years born in slavonska pozega father was Rukavina dida miča Rukavina baba was a Simič all the rukavina men have pased and sisters from sveti Ivan next to church but all live in Canada the oldest is ivan Rukavina that was borne in smiljan my uncle Gorge Rukavina pased away has a sone Robert rukavina on vanada and daughter Irean. My brothers have no idea off family tree becouse born in Australia and dot talk to me there are šimič family related and my anti eas marid to Kidre Milinkovič there were some in Australia lots off Rukavins here not all related .i was a model i still do comur,Tv work .Decorate and sell all my life my dad was Luka Rukavima and mum is Marija we hade 5 Marija Rukavins in my family mother Grandmother and 3 anties all the boys maried a Meroja .if you ring gospič they have a đlace with the famoly tree im a Buljan now . I hope i can help you.

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Perusic is the place where the Kukavinas come from. Buzime was place where they worked the land. 99% percet were all catholick Croats.
Some said that they were orthodox to save them selves from slatter in War one and two. All Croats nothing to do with Russians. 99% fight againt Turks. 99 % fought against Milosevic Karadzic and Babic. Thew wan the freedom for their people.

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I am the grandson of Julia Rukavina and the great grandson of Ferdinand Rukavina.

Julia came to the USA (Ohio) around 1920 or so with her parents and half her siblings, the other (older half) stayed in Croatia.

Ferdinand owned a boot and shoe factory and supposedly supplied the Hapsburg army with boots.

Julia was born or was from Zagreb and was born 1900-1910 or so.

Any info would be appreciated

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hi all,one of Vladimirovich,Vukotin were governors of Raska and Zeta in 12 century, Serbian countries, Rukavina (Vladimirovich) were never croatians to the 20 th century, but Bunjevci, many experts say that bunjevci are Serb Catholics,Today bunjevci in Serbia(Vojvodina) are special minority,in croatia they are not,just croatians.

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Greetings. I’m the grandson of Milica (nee Rukavina) Bartolac, daughter of Mihail and Jelena (nee Janjetovic) Rukavina. Grandma was born in 1904. She said she grew up in Otocac, but local officials cannot find documentation confirming that she was born in Otocac. She immigrated to Kansas City, KS in 1921. Her cousin, Tommy ‘Tomo’ Rukavina (son of Stejepan and Ana Rukavina) was born in Otocac, Vlaskopolje #19, on 02AUG 1889. I’m looking for help documenting her life, so if you have a geneology that includes a Milica, Milka or Mica Rukavina whose parents were Mihail and Jelena, please contact me at: rbraun1@kc.rr.com. Hvala.

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Hello fellow Rukavina's out there!
Wow! I'm checking out sites to see about a family tree for my sons. I was married to Milan Rukavina son of Mate and Milka Rukavina from Trnovac near Like. There is a house that still stand there were we had reunions with the family. Is there a family tree to be located....? Has anyone contacted V Copic for the documentation that he has ?
My sons names are Mate Nikola Rukavina born September 30, 1980 & Tomislav David Rukavina born July 4th, 1983 father Milan Rukavina born January 10-baptismal date actually date is December 22, 1958

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Milan Rukavina was born in the old house in Trnovac. Mate Rukavina died last year in Mississauga, Ontario Canada October 11,1928-June 30, 2015. Also born in Trnovac.

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Hey my mom is born a Rukanina,Ana.She was born Jan 10 1928 in Trnovac.Same age as Mate.Wonder if we are related and wonder if anyone knows or has any relation to her.Her dad Ivan left for USA right after her birth.Nineteen years later and after the war Ivan brought His wife Ika and MY mom Ana to Vancouver where he settled and worked.So really my mom never saw her dad nor did his wife Ika see him for almost twenty years,but always sent letters etc.He was looking and found a better life for them.

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My grandfather’s name is Robert Rukavina. His ancestors Mande and Mile Rukavina immigrated to Mackay, Idaho to work in the copper and silver mines. They were from the Czech Republic.

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Hi Amber :)
My grandpa’s name was Louis Rukavina. He was Mile’s and Mande’s son. I’m named after her 💙

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It's nice to come across so many Rukavinas. Mine are from Konjsko Brdo, Perušić (Jozini) as there are also many Rukavinas not related in Konjsko Brdo - Markaši, etc. My grandfather Thomas Rukavina - Chicago South Side came over in early 1900s and my late father Joseph John (born 1927) and his late brother Nick (1931 I think) as well as 2 late sisters Kate and Madge. Moved to Croatia in 1994 and am still discovering our roots here...