Where the kids are: 2006 Edition

At Adam Curry’s suggestion, I got myself a MySpace profile. I imagine Oliver will have one, of his own volition, within the month; as a Responsible Parent, I need to see what the kids are up to these days.

I figured if I did a search of Charlottetown I might find a MySpace user or two. To my surprise, there are 1487 MySpace users within 5 miles of where I type. Who knew.

And they’re not all young rockers: Lobie Daughton and Campbell Webster are both there. I halfway expect to encounter Wilbur MacDonald in there somewhere (with apologies to Wilbur for using him as the archetypal “non-young rocker”).

Off to type my list of favourite bandz in.


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alexander o'neill on April 13, 2006 - 21:16 Permalink

Actually that’s not right, myspace is just being its usual uncooperative self.