Where does Marine Atlantic sail?

Remember good old Marine Atlantic? They used to run the ferry service from PEI to the mainland, and they still run the ferries to Newfoundland.

As Oliver and I are plotting travel plans for later in the month, I visited their website looking for information on possible sail-to-Newfoundland options. Being new at this, the first thing I wanted to know is exactly where they sail to.

While I can easily, find a page about their Gravol sales policy it took me 15 minutes of searching to find a bad map of their terminals in Newfoundland. Sigh.


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Charles on August 1, 2007 - 18:47 Permalink

As someone who’s taken the North Sydney ferry more times than I can remember here’s some advice: Unless you enjoy REALLY long boat rides — stick to the Port Aux Basques crossing. Even that one is ~8 hours.

Of course if you plan to go to the Avalon peninsula the Argentia ferry would save you all of the driving time.