Where to buy Holux GPS in Copenhagen

After reading David’s glowing reference to the GPSlim 236 Bluetooth GPS receiver, I decided that it was as useful an option as any other, and finding one in stock at Computer City here in Copenhagen this afternoon pushed me over the edge. It’s charging as we speak; I’ll strap it to the phone in the morning. Just think — soon you’ll be able to find me anywhere.

Computer City turned out to be a reasonable facsimile of an American electronics store, complete with the faceless suburban feel. When I finally flagged down a clerk — they all seemed on a mission — he was very helpful. Getting there is very easy: take the S-Train from Vesterport north to Nordhavn and you’ll find the store right across the street from the train station exit.

This was my first S-Train experience: it’s not the Metro, it’s not the “train,” it’s the S-Train. Sort of like the “GO Train” in Toronto: runs out into suburbia in all directions, but you can’t take it to Germany. The cars are very snazzy, and have helpful dynamic displays that show the train’s position at any given moment.

From Nordhavn we went south, by S-Train again, to Dybbølsbro where Oliver and I made a brief run through Fisketorvet Shoppingcenter (uninspiring but for an acceptable chicken pasta salad at Mamamia’s on the second floor) before walking back home (closer than we thought).