Where is 1Password made?

I was updating 1Password on my Mac this morning and took the occasion to look at the “About 1Password” dialog:

Screen shot of the 1Password about box.

I was intrigued by that long list of places: it seemed to suggest that 1Password is maintained entirely by remote workers. And, sure enough, it turns out to be true; from the 1Password jobs page:

Work remotely, from anywhere, flexibly. You could be in a sweet home office, then a café for part of the day, and even in your camper on a caldera – so long as there’s a reliable Internet connection. We’ve got folks in over 30 cities, from New Zealand to Germany to our office in Toronto.

I pasted that list of places into MapCustomizer.com to generate a map of all of them; here’s what I got:

Map of 1Password workers (from MapCustomizer.com)

It turns out that a good number of those workers are in southern Ontario, not surprising as it’s a Toronto-based company:

Map of 1Password workers in southern Ontario.

I see they have workers in Burlington (where my parents live) and Brantford (where my grandparents lived) and Peterborough (where Catherine and I used to live).

I like being about to put a geography to my software creators, especially those that create software that’s as mission-critical to my everyday as 1Password is.