When you call, I’ll be there…

I’ve pointed to this before, but you can’t watch it too many times: this TV commercial from the days when Island Tel was a locally-managed company.

When you call, I’ll be there. It’s good to know good friends are near, like Island Tel.”

Everyone at Bell and Bell Aliant should be required to watch this commercial, for the spirit it conveys is one that they should all aspire to, whether offering service to Islanders or to others. Island Tel may have never actually reached the intimacy they tried to describe in the commercial, but at least they believed enough in the mythical idea of good service enough to make a good job of trying.

Among other things, this might be the best locally-produced television commercial ever made on Prince Edward Island (produced by Moses Media for Island Tel).


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Cynthia King on October 10, 2012 - 00:40 Permalink

You posted this on my son Ian’s birthday and he is in that commercial. Good timing Peter.