When Magazines Die

As I derive a substantial part of my income working with magazines and periodicals, I take more than a passing interest in the health of the magazine publishing world.

And so I was saddened to hear of the death of Talk magazine. Although I wasn’t a regular reader, I did enjoy the magazine from afar, especially in its wacky early days when it tried to emulate a European magazine in style and format. Talk will be missed.

As for what happens to good magazines when they die, witness the Saturday Night magazine website today:

Saturday Night Website

Not a pretty site. Although certainly truthful: ceci n’est pas une site web.


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Alan on January 19, 2002 - 14:16 Permalink

I am amazed how, in my daily life, magazines have not gone the way of newspapers due to the internet. We do not have a subscription to any newspaper as I can find all I need at canada.com, canoe.ca, bbc.uk.com. I do however get an increasing number of magazines in the mail monthly at work and home which I rely upon — especially along with the seed catalogues in winter — to keep up with particular interests:

Canadian Geographic — gets better and better.

National Geographic — MAPS!

Rural Delivery — a fantastic monthly out of Liverpool NS on rural life.

Brew Your Own — small quality New Hampshire homebrewers publication.

Canadian Living — what are overworked Etobicokans are having for dinner?

Chirp — toddlers version of “Owl”.

Chatelaine — shared from mom.

Vintages — you can dream of a day that the LCBO will be nationwide.

NetLife — somewhat imposed but not unuseful.

Tidings — U. of Kings College alumni mag.


Harvard Management Update


about three more legal profession mags.

The Northern Star — North Rustico monthly paper but really a gossip magazine.

I also pick-up from the newstand at different degrees of regularity:

New Yorker

Architectural Digest


Shambala Sun

The Buzz

Canadian Gardening


Fast Company

Zymergy — [what I actually say when you think you hear I am supporting “more synergy”.]

Magazines I’s like to subscribe to:


Index on Censorship

New Yorker

Hockey News

Mags I have stopped getting:

Martha Stewart — trendy (1994), encyclopedic (1995-1997), obsessive (1998), just plain weird (since). I gave it the boot.

Harrowsmith — content quality went south when bought by large publisher. Also booted.

New Maritimes — sadly defunct leftist policy discussion publication. Greatly missed.

Observation — only one mag I really like has disappeared in a decade.