When airlines answer their email…

Here’s a message I sent earlier this week to the customer service department at JetBlue:

I had a wonderful flight from Denver to Boston yesterday, and have no complaints.
However I did notice that on the default in-flight display on the seat-backs that shows the plane’s position, the heading in the top-left corner of the screen when on the ground in Denver is “SOUTHWEST” (because the map is showing the southwest corner of the U.S.).
In my late-night bleariness, I thought for a second I was on the wrong airline. In any case, it is perhaps an unintended advertisement for your competition!

Here’s the response I received this morning:

Thank you for your email regarding your recent nightmare while on JetBlue! Sorry for the scare, we always want you to have blue and tranquil dreams while sleeping in our beautiful planes! Rest assured we would never advertise for a competitor!
We look forward to seeing you on another JetBlue flight soon, until then have sweet blue dreams!
No worries!


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Will Pate on April 19, 2004 - 03:57 Permalink

Why are corporations letting retired spammers write their customer service copy?