What does my garden grow?

I put Jackson the Tomato and Fiero the Pepper in the ground on June 3, 74 days ago.

Jackson has grown and grown, to the top of the tomato cage, and has 5 tomatoes growing, of various sizes:

Jackson the tomato plant, bearing fruit.

Fiero has had a single hot pepper for many weeks, and that single pepper gradually ripened from green into an intense red:

Fiero with its red, red pepper.

It’s taken me some time to get a good watering cadence going, and I’m still not there. But both Jackson and Fiero are still alive all these weeks later, so I must be doing something right.

Thank you to my friend Brenda for starting me down this new garden path.


Catherine Boeckmann's picture
Catherine Boeckmann on August 16, 2020 - 15:31 Permalink

Thanks for sharing this, Peter! It’s good to see you can get such good growth and color in your climate. If the tomatoes don’t turn red in time, there are a lot of tricks. :-) If you like the taste, you can always be really adventurous and save their seeds. So they have children! It does seem a little weird to name your plants and then eat them.

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Thelma on August 16, 2020 - 16:09 Permalink

It’s been such a dry summer, you’ve done really well!