What does the Exchange sticker on the Metro Credit Union ATM mean?

I noticed a green “Exchange” sticker on the ATM machine at Metro Credit Union yesterday, and stumbled across the reason why on the Metro website. The most interesting part of all this:

In addition, we anticipate by November 30/2005 our member owners will have access to ATMs with HSBC Bank, National Bank and Canadian Western Bank, as these financial institutions are all on the EXCHANGE Network.

…which seems to suggest that we’ll finally have surcharge-free access to cash here in downtown Charlottetown, as there’s a National Bank branch on Kent St. Additionally:

The EXCHANGE Network will offer access to thousands of ATMs as well as an extensive Point of Sale network in the US.

I think that means I’ll be able to pay for groceries with my Credit Union ATM card at Stop &Shop when I’m in New Hampshire.

The Exchange Network has its own website that has more details.