Welcome to Berlin

Welcome to Berlin is a guide produced by the city to welcome to residents. It’s available in Arabic, French, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Serbo-Croat and German. Here’s part of the introduction from Mayor Klaus Wowerit:

My congratulations: You have just moved to an exciting city. The capital of Germany has many cultural opportunities: Museums and galleries, theaters and operas, cinemas and concerts, scene-clubs and restaurants. Many of those who just arrived in Berlin are enthusiastic about the cosmopolitan and international character of the city and its population, with people from more than 180 nations. Many new citizens are intrigued by the leftovers from an affected and moving past which can be seen all over the city. In Berlin dense urbanity and a wide variety of recreational offerings can be found side by side.

The guide covers housing, working, family assistance, education, transit, legal information and emergency contacts. Every city should have one of these.