Weird Network Bifurcation

I am torn between two lovers today: my workstation is connected to the Internet over new ISN connection. The servers in the basement are connected to the old Aliant connection.

As a result, although I am physically about 8 feet directly above the webserver, traffic from me to the to server goes halfway to hell and back to travel those eight feet.

I just finished moving a whopping big file from the desktop down to the server, and it turtled along at a crawling 88 Kbps, despite nominally having a super big high speed snazzola pipe on both ends.

Labour Day has been set aside for the big de-Aliantification, and at that point to bifurcation will end and client and server will again be united by an 8-foot string of network cable.


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Alan on August 27, 2003 - 13:23 Permalink

Hire a band and put up banners for the big day: make them feel your pain. I glad Kevo gets my 8 bucks a month for web mail and if I could figure out a reason I am sure I would get more money into his coffers.