Off for a Week

I head off for a loop of travel tomorrow: first stop, Yankee, where I’ll head on the direct Delta flight Sunday afternoon, driving up to my usual perch at the Jack Daniels Motor Inn before spending two days with my colleagues there on part two of a site re-architecting exercise.

Tuesday night I’m driving down Route 3 to Burlington, Massachusetts for some morning meetings on Wednesday, and then, that afternoon, down to Boston Logan to fly up to Toronto.

In Toronto I’ll rendezvous with Catherine and Oliver where we’ll fly together up to Thunder Bay for Theresa and Brad’s wedding. It’s also a chance to show Oliver the birthplace of his grandfather and his great-grandmother, and to visit the gravesite of his great-great-grandfather.

After three days of wedding festivities, we’ll fly back to Charlottetown a week from Sunday for three more days of Maximum Summer Fun before school starts on Thursday, September 4.