Wee Houses

Olle writes about Copenhagen Garden Houses:

A koloni-have (“colony garden”, a garden lot with a wee house, organized in a sort of garden club, or association) is golden in these parts. The house on it can be made into a little summer house, with bed and bathroom, and they seem a little less restricted than the Swedish ones I have seen.

This situation there seems quite similar Les Marais in Bourges, where “des cabanes de tôles ou de planches” are scattered about the marshes below the main city.

The back page of the June YANKEE magazine has a nice piece by Edie Clark, available here, where she describes her old “little cottage on a lake:

Not too much money and a place to be near the water, which provides summer solace, heat relief and a steady show of living watercolors.

The summer cottages I remember most fondly are the little one-room places you used to be able to stop at on road trips. There was one between downtown Peterborough and Trent University (anyone remember the name?), another in North Bay that we used to stop at on the way up to Cochrane to see my grandparents. Catherine and I stopped south of Rumford, Maine a few years ago and stayed overnight at a small camp on Lake Kezar that rented wee cabins. They had a ping-pong table and rowboats. It was wonderful.