WebKit Web Inspector + YankeeMagazine.com

A testament to how little my finger is on the bleeding edge, until this morning I’d never come across the WebKit Open Source Project, described as “the system framework used on Mac OS X by Safari, Dashboard, Mail, and many other OS X applications.”

I was prompted to take a look by this post by Andrew Sutherland concerning the new “Web Inspector” feature. So I grabbed the latest nightly build and fired it up at YankeeMagazine.com, a site I’ve been re-conceiving in CSS over the last few days. Here’s what it looks like:

WebKit Web Inspector Screen Shot

The “Web Inspector” tool (right click on an element, select “Inspect Element”) fulfills the same role as the Firefox “DOM Inspector” tool, albeit somewhat more beautifully. Here’s the same element being inspected in Firefox:

Firefox DOM Inspector Screen Shot