Web in my Palm

I’m here in the Apple Store in Cambridge, updating my website on a Palm Tungsten C handheld. This little thing fits, literally, in the palm of my hand. It’s got WiFi built in and a thumb-operated keyboard that is surprisingly easy to use. Off to explore the store…

Later… just overheard a meeting of all the employees in the store discussing a new “Apple Camp” for kids. If you buy a new Apple computer here in the store, you’re eligible to send up to three of your kids to the store for Apple Camp — computer training for kids. There was some discussion of what is considered a “kid,” and this led to a discussion of how the core of the Apple demographic, right now, is 40 year olds, and they need to start bringing a new generation into the fold.

Later… just watched an employee call his Portuguese-speaking friend to translate for him with a Portuguese-speaking customer. That’s good customer service.