We Are the Walrus: A Summer Day for Father and Son

Here’s where life took Oliver and I yesterday, a roughtly-walrus-shaped track from Charlottetown up the spine of the Island, down to Borden, across to Summerside, back to New Glasgow and then home:

Here’s what we did along the way:

  1. We had breakfast at the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market, as we usually do.
  2. We headed out the Kinkora Road and then took a jog down to Lady Fane, ending up at Gateway Village in Borden-Carleton where we had an excellent, fresh lunch at Scapes (pulled-pork sandwich and potato salad for Oliver; fish cakes and green salad for me).
  3. We took Rte. 10 toward the Bedeques, ending up at Bishop’s Machine Shop in Summerside, recommended to us by Olle and Luisa, who visited last year. It’s a perfectly preserved “like the day he left” machine shop just east of downtown; we had a tour from a sprightly young lad who knew his stuff.
  4. Coffee and cake at Samuel’s Coffee House downtown.
  5. Watched the film Ant Man at the Cineplex in uptown Summerside.
  6. Across to Kensington for supper at the Frosty Treat.
  7. Along (very) scenic Rte. 6 from Kensington to Stanley Bridge and then down Rte. 224 to New Glasgow for iced tea at the PEI Preserve Company and a walk through the Gardens of Hope.

About 12 hours from start to finish: a good father and son day.


Oliver's picture
Oliver on July 19, 2015 - 19:42 Permalink

Sounds nice.

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Stephen Southall on July 20, 2015 - 23:45 Permalink

I'd like to hear more about Bishop's.