Watching Treehouse in Dartmouth

Wee Oliver and I, along with friend Gary, made in to Halifax on Friday night, and we are now happily ensconced in the Holiday Inn Harbourview. Oliver is watching Treehouse (and trying very, very hard to open a package of Jello chocolate pudding), and I’m checking my email.

Today was our culinary tour of the Halifax region. Using Alan Macleod’s essay as a map, we loaded up the car with dried chilis, frozen Naan, bottles of Brio and cans of British beer.

We ate lunch at the fabulous Pete’s Frootique in Bedford (it’s exactly what downtown Charlottetown needs) and dinner at a very nice, simple sushi place on Blowers Street next to the Paper Chase (which, sadly, has faded as the best place to get magazines; we fell back on Atlantic News, which is antiseptic by useful).

I avoided Halifax for a decade; I’m only just starting to uncover its riches. If nothing else, we will eat very well for the next couple of weeks. And, of course, Catherine is getting her first time alone in 2 years, which she is enjoying very much.


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Alan on March 3, 2002 - 14:12 Permalink

Glad to be of use to a new found fifth-cousin-in-law! By the way, we now have a copy of the Dryden book in hand if you want to find out who you are related to in 1578.