Warren Ellis on Monocle

Warren Ellis, in this week’s Orbital Operations, on Monocle:

MONOCLE magazine continues to fascinate me as a cultural entity. I don’t read it, but I’ll always read an article about it. Weird, right. They’re releasing a weekly newspaper over August. Like pretty much everything they do, it’s a power play as much as anything else. Fascinated.

I agree completely: I find the magazine, perhaps because it’s finely targeted at the watch-and-Merino set, unreadable. But I like the ideal of Monocle and its consistency.

And, having had an espresso in both their London and Tokyo cafes, I enjoy seeing how they translate their mojo into coffee and sandwiches.

Ironically, I could say the same thing about Warren Ellis: I’ve no interest whatsoever in consuming his work product, but I’m fascinated by his work product about his work product.

(And his recommendation of Kristine Barrett is a good one too).