Wallace Sandstone

Back in the fall our friend G. took a trip over to Wallace Quarries in Nova Scotia to pick up a slab of sandstone. While he was there he took some photos of the quarry:

Wallace Quarries Wallace Quarries

For a quarry that has produced the stone for some of the substantial buildings of Canada, I expected it all to look, well, more grand. Regardless, the stone that comes from those ungrand hills is impressive. G. says there seems to be enough there to make many, many more buildings.


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oliver on January 7, 2008 - 17:28 Permalink

I expected it all to look, well, more grand.”

One site wins, another loses—like cleaning your room by stuffing your closet. Anyway, you’re not supposed to be looking at the externalities. You can’t see how beautifully capitalism works that way.