A Walk Around Robinson’s Island

Realizing that autumn won’t be around forever, we drove out to Robinson’s Island today, in PEI National Park, to take a walk in the woods. 

The last time I was there must have been a long time ago, as it’s an island transformed: where there was once a campground, it’s now gone, and significant rewilding has taken place. 

The walking trail is well-marked and runs counter-clockwise to a mountain bike trail that shares the same trail, but runs clockwise, something that  seems, in theory—we didn’t encounter any bicycles—to be a good trail-sharing system. 

A green plant turning orange and gold.
Section of a dead tree.
Bright red berries.
Trail sign with cyclist and pedestrian instructions.
Section of a felled tree.
Bright red leaves.
Bright red leaves that fell on a bright green evergreen.
Olivia walking, holding her phone.