Voodoo Google

Google is the great enabler.

I made some rearrangments to this site last week that have had surprising side-effects.

First, I put “Reinvented” at the end of the TITLE’s on all the pages here, so that you’ll see “VooDoo Google (from Reinvented Inc.)” at the top of your browser, not “Reinvented Inc. — VooDoo Google” as it used to be. This makes links to stories here much more prominent in Google search results.

Second, I reinstated the archives feature on the site, so that stories back to May 1999 are now exposed to the web (and thus to Google).

Thirdly, and this wasn’t really intentional but rather was driven by world circumstances, I began writing more about things like Peter Arnett and about SARS. These happen to be the second and third “gaining queries” in the Google Zeitgeist for the week just passed.

The combined effect of all of these has been that more of Reinvented is appearing in Google search results, and it’s easier to identify the stories in the results. And so more people from different places are dropping by, and more new people are contributing comments to the stories.

Of course you can’t discount the first inbound link from a Farsi-language page either!

So, new readership: welcome.