Voice Over IP Update

My Sipura SPA-2000 arrived today. With some fiddling, greatly aided by this helpful article by Dorian Gray, I was able to get the Sipura talking to my Digium Wildcard X100P.

I’ve only just started configuring Asterisk, but I’ve already got the this all hooked up to (902) 892-2556, and it’s accepting my voicemail and emailing me my messages as audio file attachments (interestingly, this was the easiest part of the system to set up).

All of this is something of a relief, as I spent so many frustrating hours trying to get USB and the Digium S100U to play happily — I never succeeded — that this was my first real opportunity to be impressed by Asterisk. And it is impressive.

More information, and a detailed step-by-step, coming soon.