Viva Vivas

The transformation of Eddie’s Lunch into Vivas continues.

Week by week, Vivas is slowly becoming the coolest place in Charlottetown to eat lunch. Just today, for example, both Perry Williams and Eric MacEwen — the Duke and Earl of Island Hip, as it were — had a Vivatastic lunch. Throw in regulars Roy Johnstone, Sara Saunders, Catherine Matthews, Jack LeClair, and Don Stewart to say nothing of an up and coming crowd of furry toque bearing younger hepcats, and it’s a regular Studio 54 of the East. Heck, even Kevin O’Brien is a sometimes regular, and he not only drives a VW Beetle, but he’s been known to wear a leather jacket from time to time.

All cool aside, the most profound Vivic change of late has been the introduction of Good Tea.

Regular readers will recall a recent lament in this space about the difficulty of procuring a good cup of tea in this town (or, indeed, in any town). Well, this is no longer a problem at Vivas. No word of a lie, I had the best cup of tea of my life today: served boiling hot in a very pleasant red clay teapot that didn’t spill when poured, with a heated mug, teaspoon, milk and sugar all provided (you be surprised how often one or the other of these is missing at other restaurants). The tea was, well, amazing. Really amazing. Amazing enough that you should probably drop everything right now and walk over to Vivas and have a cup of tea yourself.

Tell them I sent you.


Susan Williams's picture
Susan Williams on December 10, 2002 - 13:00 Permalink

Perry…”The Duke of Island Hip”? Did you see that hat?
He looks like Uncle Max in The Sound of Music!

Andrew Chisholm's picture
Andrew Chisholm on December 10, 2002 - 15:47 Permalink

I was in viva’s a couple days ago looking for something to drink. Looks nice in there.

Erin's picture
Erin on December 10, 2002 - 19:20 Permalink

It is a wonderful spot. I’m quite addicted to their shawarmas, and the atmosphere.

Ken's picture
Ken on December 10, 2002 - 19:28 Permalink

Is it big enough for all the cool people in PEI?

Alan's picture
Alan on December 10, 2002 - 20:00 Permalink

Yes ;-)

Johnny's picture
Johnny on December 10, 2002 - 21:55 Permalink

Given all the fuss over Viva’s, I think its time to update the We Support page. Or is that page supposed to be dead?

Dan's picture
Dan on December 14, 2002 - 18:56 Permalink

Solely because of this thread I visited Vivas last night and it was wonderful. Live music (so good that I thought it was a CD when I first got there), a great chicken shawarma ,friendly staff, and a great atmosphere.

Viva Vivas indeed.