The View from Here

I lollygagged a bit too long en route from New Hampshire to Logan Airport — lingered over coffee, found just the right architecture book for Oliver, made an impromptu Chipotle stop for supper – and then got jammed in traffic on the I-95 North between Rte. 3 and the Expressway.

Just as things were leveling out, I got lost trying trying to find the airport gas station (how much do the car rental companies pay them to hide it so effectively?). Thank goodness for the Marriott shuttle driver who let me follow his draft back to the airport.

I had to return my rental car to Hertz with an empty tank; I breezed into Terminal B with mere minutes to spare.

The Air Canada plane to Toronto boarded almost on time, and boarding went quickly. So I thought I was back in the time groove.

And then the captain came on the horn to announce a “full ground stop” in Toronto: we’re stuck on the tarmac, waiting for news from windy YYZ.

It’s warm. We have movies to watch — Burnt right now — and pretzels to eat. It’s like a mini-tube-shaped vacation. I can even, if I contort just right, pick up the airport WiFi (which is how I’m posting this).

What an exciting day!