Vienna, Vienna

Arrived Vienna this afternoon after 7 hours of train rides across the entire width of Slovakia: an amazing ride up through the mountains from spring to winter and back to spring again. We’re only here in Vienna for less than 24 hours, so will not do justice to the city at all, but we’re staying with my friend Til and got to share a nice dinner tonight and catch up and may make a mad dash into the kids’ museum tomorrow before heading off to Nuremberg.

My downsize-to-my-mobile plan fell flat on its face today as the fully-charged battery on my Nokia N95 gave up the ghost before the end of the day — the victim of too much train-based GPS usage. Alas this happened exactly at the moment when I really, really needed the maps capabilities: standing confused at 11pm on a cold Vienna night at the U-Bahn stop nearest Til’s house, charting our walk back to his place. Click. Fortunately I recalled enough to get us home, with Oliver’s photographic memory a big help.


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oliver on March 23, 2009 - 21:03 Permalink

Blessed are the early adopters.