A Very Different Hurricane

When Hurricane Juan struck Prince Edward Island in 2003, our neighbourhood, while not devastated, was certainly affected: huge trees came down, power was out for several days, and there was a lot of cleaning up to do. Including, the morning after, helping to run a provincial general election, and, the day after that, holding Oliver’s 3rd birthday party.

Hurricane Dorian passed over the Island on Saturday, and, if you are following the news at all, you will see that there were significant impacts: power (still) out to a large swath of the population, barns and boats destroyed, campgrounds flooded, huge trees down.

At 100 Prince Street, though, it was almost like nothing happened: we lost power for 2 hours on Saturday afternoon, which was enough time for a good nap. The power came back on in time to let me make supper, and has been back on ever since. There was a single small branch down in the back yard, and an uptick in the number of leaves down. But that was it.

We’ve had a lot on our plate this September, so I thank the fates for sparing us the additional challenges of storm recovery. And thoughts go out to Islanders, and others in Dorian’s wake, not so-spared.