Veg It Up!

While it lacks the onomastic panache of Burger Love or Porktoberfest, the Island’s nascent Veg It Up!, a challenge to restaurants to highlight a vegetarian or vegan entree, is a commendable effort.

And this year is better than ever.

Oliver and I started late, but with determination.

Last night we enjoyed the “Island Comfort” at Mavor’s (cashew, almond & mushroom loaf served with a velvety parsnip puree, a duo of salted baked beets & roasted island reds & crunchy chickpeas). It was fantastic; the parsnip puree and the chickpeas especially.

Tonight we attempted to ascend the “Gahan Cajun Lime Tofu Scramble” at Gahan House, but they were inexplicably packed, with a 45 minute wait for a table.

So we decamped across the street to the Brickhouse, where we sat at the Chef’s Table and enjoyed the Mac and Cheese, described as “a vegan take on the traditional and classic mac and cheese., Paired with a Fall beet salad.”

It was fantastic, and the absence of cheese wasn’t missed at all (I’ve no idea what played its role, but it was satisfyingly good).

You’ve got one more day to Veg It Up; it all wraps up tomorrow. Kudos to the folks at Veg PEI for organizing this; it’s nice to indulge in competitive culinary antics where no animals need be sacrificed.


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