Usual Airport Reminder to Aliant

Hello Aliant. I am using the computer in your Business Centre in the Charlottetown Airport. It is an old IBM Aptiva. It is slow. The purpose, I presume, of your sponsorship of this high speed Internet connection — which I laud — is to show we business travelers what a wonderful service you offer. Showcasing this service with an obselete computer is like letting people take a drive on the autobahn on an old Wheelhorse lawn tractor.

Here’s my suggestion, offered before but so far ignored: go out and by the fanciest, fastest, most hot and sexy computer money can buy. You’d be hard pressed to spend more than $5000 to reach this goal. Install it here, and retire the old Aptiva. We business travelers will now marvel at your excellentness.

You will get bonus points if you install a more ergonomic desk and chair. Super bonus points if the computer you install runs Linux or is a Mac.

Thanks for listening. Peter Rukavina, longtime customer.


Rob Paterson's picture
Rob Paterson on June 11, 2003 - 21:03 Permalink

Peter please come home — it’s boring when you are away